Interactive Perception and Robot Learning Lab


The Interactive Perception and Robot Learning Lab is part of the Stanford AI Lab at the Computer Science Department. We seek to understand the underlying principles of robust sensorimotor coordination by implementing them on robots. Our work is at the intersection of Robotics, Machine Learning and Computer Vision applied to problems in Autonomous Robotic Manipulation.

Contact information for Prospective Lab Members


February 15, 2023 Professor Bohg is named a Sloan Fellow!
June 29, 2022 DiffCloud: Real-to-Sim from Point Clouds with Differentiable Simulation and Rendering of Deformable Objects and Category-Independent Articulated Object Tracking with Factor Graphs got accepted at IROS 2022!
March 2, 2022 1 paper accepted at CVPR 2022! ObjectFolder 2.0: A Multisensory Object Dataset for Sim2Real Transfer
Jan 31, 2022 5 papers accepted at ICRA 2022! See our publications page for the full list!


Jeannette Bohg

Group leader


Rika Antonova


Andrey Kurenkov

Ph.D. Student
Co-advisor: Silvio Savarese

Toki Migimatsu

Ph.D. Student

Krishnan Srinivasan

Ph.D. Student

Claire Chen

Ph.D. Student

Mengxi Li

Ph.D. Student
Co-advisor: Dorsa Sadigh

Marion Lepert

Ph.D. Student

Priya Sundaresan

Ph.D. Student
Co-advisor: Dorsa Sadigh

Chris Agia

Ph.D. Student
Co-advisor: Marco Pavone

Jingyun Yang

Ph.D. Student

Jimmy Wu

Visiting Ph.D. Student
Princeton University

Edwin Pan

Master's Student

Tara Sadjadpour

Master's Student

Carlota Pares

Master's Student

Dan Morton

Master's Student

Kevin Lin

Master's Student

Ian Ng

Undergrad Student

Brandon Vu

Undergrad Student

Simon Reisch

Visiting Student

Former Members

Millie Salvato

Negin Heravi (Snap)

Nick Heppert

Jacqueline Yau

Chaoyi Pan

Brent Yi (Berkeley)

Samuel Clarke

Michelle Lee (Medra)

Lin Shao

Shushman Choudhury

Rachel Gardner

Alina Kloss

Mengyuan Yan (Google)

Peter Zachares

Hsu-kuang Chiu

Matthew Tan

Allesandro Palleschi

Karen Yang (EE)

Xingyu Liu (EE)

Wenzhen Yuan (CMU)

Fabio Ferreira (KIT, Germany)

Tingguang Li (CUHK, China)

Jane Wu (CS)

Haley Smith (ME)

Rohun Kulkarni (ME)

Varun Nambiar (EE)

Yilin Zhu (CS)

Mia Kokic (KTH, Sweden)

Thomas Baumeister (TUM, Germany)

Simon Pierre Marie LeCleach (ME)

Parth Sha (ME)

Vikranth Reddy Dwaracherla (EE)

Andres Campos Alvarado (ME)

Xinru Hua (CS)

Scott David Hemley (ME)

Seth Evan Charles (ME)

Dipti Vijai Motwani (ME)

Yifan You (Highschool)

Ben Jun Xiong Wu (CS)

Jonathan Henry Zwiebel (CS)


Contact for Prospective Lab Members

We may take on new PhD students each year. If you are a prospective PhD student, we ask that you do not contact us directly with regard to PhD admissions until after you are admitted, as we will not be able to reply to emails from individual applicants.

If you are a Stanford undergraduate, masters, or co-term interested in research opportunities, please complete this form: Link

If you are interested in a post-doc position, please read this form : Link

If you are not a Stanford student and interested in visiting researcher positions, please read this from: Link

General Contact Information

Address: 353 Jane Stanford Way, Stanford, CA 94305

Phone: (650) 725-4314

Office hours: Wednesday 3pm - 4pm (Zoom link available upon request)