Interactive Perception and Robot Learning Lab


The Interactive Perception and Robot Learning Lab is part of the Stanford AI Lab at the Computer Science Department. We seek to understand the underlying principles of robust sensorimotor coordination by implementing them on robots. Our work is at the intersection of Robotics, Machine Learning and Computer Vision applied to problems in Autonomous Robotic Manipulation.


Jan 27 We made the first place at the NuScenes Tracking Challenge (AI Driving Olympics at Neurips)! Congrats to Hsu-Kuang Chiu and our collaborators from TRI, Antonio Prioletti and Jie Li. Here is the paper and the code.
Nov 1 Our paper MeteorNet: Deep Learning on Dynamic 3D Point Cloud Sequences was presented as an oral at ICCV 2019. Congrats Xingyu!
Oct 30 Our paper Learning from My Partner's Actions: Roles in Decentralized Robot Teams. was presented as an oral at CoRL 2019. This work is done in collaboration with the Stanford Intelligent and Interactive Autonomous Systems Group. Check out the great blog post!
May 28 We published the code for our paper on Leveraging Contact Forces for Learning to Grasp. This work is done in collaboration with the Machines in Motion Group at NYU.
May 22 Our paper on Making Sense of Vision and Touch won the Best Paper Award at ICRA 2019! Congratulations to all the authors! We also became Finalist for the Best Paper on Cognitive Robotics.
March 12 Jeannette will be awarded the RAS Early Academic Career Award in Robotics and Automation at ICRA 2019 for her contributions to robot perception and learning for manipulation! Congratulations also to the other recipients Marco Hutter and Ilana Nisky. Read the full anouncement here!
Sept 24th Our paper on Realtime Perception meets Reactive Motion Generation became Finalist for the Amazon Best System Paper. Congratulations to all the authors! Read the full anouncement here!


Jeannette Bohg

Group leader

Alina Kloss

Ph.D. student (MPI)

Lin Shao

Ph.D. student

Michelle Lee

Ph.D. student

Mengyuan Yan

Ph.D. Student

Mike Salvato

Ph.D. Student
Co-advisor: Allison Okamura

Negin Heravi

Ph.D. Student
Co-advisor: Allison Okamura

Shushman Choudhury

Ph.D. Student
Co-advisors: Mykel Kochenderfer, Dorsa Sadigh

Toki Migimatsu

Ph.D. Student

Krishnan Srinivasan

Ph.D. Student

Claire Chen

Ph.D. Student

Mengxi Li

Ph.D. Student
Co-advisor: Dorsa Sadigh

Rachel Gardner

Undergraduate Student

Matthew Tan

Undergraduate Student

Peter Zachares

MSc Student

Marion Lepert

MSc Student

Hsu-kuang Chiu

MSc Student

Karen Yang

MSc student

Former Members

Xingyu Liu (EE)

Wenzhen Yuan (CMU)

Fabio Ferreira (KIT, Germany)

Tingguang Li (CUHK, China)

Jane Wu (CS)

Haley Smith (ME)

Rohun Kulkarni (ME)

Varun Nambiar (EE)

Yilin Zhu (CS)

Mia Kokic (KTH, Sweden)

Thomas Baumeister (TUM, Germany)

Simon Pierre Marie LeCleach (ME)

Parth Sha (ME)

Vikranth Reddy Dwaracherla (EE)

Andres Campos Alvarado (ME)

Xinru Hua (CS)

Scott David Hemley (ME)

Seth Evan Charles (ME)

Dipti Vijai Motwani (ME)

Yifan You (Highschool)

Ben Jun Xiong Wu (CS)

Jonathan Henry Zwiebel (CS)


Address: 353 Jane Stanford Way, Stanford, CA 94305

Phone: (650) 725-4314

Office hours: Fridays 1pm with zoom